Tips On Choosing The Best Sod Company And How To Lay Sod

18 Sep

Whether you have a few patches or you desire to re-do the whole yard completely, getting an instant lawn will be beneficial to you. For this process to be successful, you have to put in place certain aspects before taking on this labor-intensive task. The good news is that there are installation companies who can work well in sod installation. In the market today, there are several services with the same aim. But the question is how do you get to choose the best company? This article has some guidelines that will assist you to choose the right boise sod services.

The first and most important aspect is to ensure the company or the sod installer is licensed and insured. This is because insurance would protect yourself and your property in case of accidents during the installation process. Bear in mind to check for the following before they start their work.

There are various ways on how to handle the old grass and laying sod. Some experts may decide to smooth it over the old lawn while other may get rid of the old green and put turf on the bare ground. However, it is advisable that you lay sod on bare ground for it to grow into a lush lawn.

Another factor to consider is the experience the company has. You may have interviews with them and ask for pieces of evidence from their previous work. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you are taken care of by experts. Also searching through the website will provide you with all the information including the company history and the reviews from previous clients. Additionally, many landscapers will provide the service but not all do the designing after laying sod. For this reason, it is essential that you ask for references. Visit this website at and know more about landscaping.

Getting rid of the old grass and allowing the sod to grow into a lush is vital. For example, if you feel the sol is having problems, then laying sod on top of it will create more problems. Some may look ugly in appearance after so much money, and effort has been spent. Also, chances are the lay sod may make the grass uneven. For this reason, it is vital that for your lawn to properly integrate into the ground, ensure you avoid old grass from getting in between the earth and the nutrient-rich soil.

In conclusion, after the whole process, the professionals at will provide an estimate as well as a warranty. However, with efficient annual maintenance programs, your sod will look great for many years.

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